Ice cream for your event, party, meetings, celebration... Just ready served form giolatto

Get the giolatto Ice Cream Box and carry the flavour of our ice cream wherever you want.

Ice cream for your event or party. Giolatto Ice Cream Box

Giolatto IceCreamBox lets you offer perfectly conserved ice cream at your event: lunch and dinners with friends, at home or at a venue, celebrations, weddings, birthdays, parties...

Thanks to its cold preservation system, the product will arrive its destiny in perfect conditions and will stay like that so you and your guests can enjoy it.

Order here your giolatto IceCreamBox

You can order up to a total of 10 kilos of ice cream, divided into two separate trays that can content a different flavour each.

Price per kilo of ice cream: 16€
Daily rent price for the IceCreamBox: 25€/día
Remember that you have to maka a deposit of 175€
The payment will be made at the pick up shop within 48 hours following your order.